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More D&D to Creative Commons? Star Kings Reigning. Keys to the Golden Vault a Steal. Also, We're at GalaxyCon and Triad Anime Con

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Welcome to the new GG newsletter. It’s monthly, so we won’t be spamming you. It’s a quick read, so it won’t take up a lot of time. It’s got game recommendations, hot takes, and news bites, so it has stuff you can use. Thanks for reading!

In this month’s issue:

👑 1 great indie game you need to play
🔥 2 hot takes from the podcast
🗞️ 3 must-know gaming news nuggets

🧭 Goblins in the wild: Our upcoming events

Friendly reminder we’re at GalaxyCon in Richmond this weekend and Triad Anime Con in Winston Salem next weekend. Come see us!

👑 1 great indie game you need to play

💫 Reign of the Star Kings. You are ALL the emperors in this solo journaling RPG. Write the millennia-spanning story of a galactic empire’s ruling dynasty. Love Dune and Foundation? You’ll dig this. (Link)

“Reign of the Star Kings” by whygames. Available in physical and PDF.

🔥 2 hot takes from the podcast

  1. ☀️ Dark Sun is problematic. Dungeons & Dragons setting unlikely to see re-release because of slavery in the lore, says D&D exec. producer. (Link)

  2. 🗝️❤️ Keys from the Golden Vault will steal your heart. This heist anthology is the best book Wizards has released in a while, hands down. Pick it up and live out your Danny Ocean fantasies. (Link - “Keys” talk starts around 40 mins)

🗞️ 3 must-know gaming news nuggets

  1. Earlier D&D Editions Coming to Creative Commons. D&D community update says earlier editions are being reviewed for CC release. The review is so they don’t accidentally release brand elements as they did for 5E. (Link)

  2. Feedback needed for One D&D Druids and Paladins. The response period for Wizards’ most recent Unearthed Arcana playtest materials opens 3/20. Let them know what you think. (Link, Our Roundup of the Changes in the podcast show notes)

  3. Pathfinder will focus on the East Asian-themed Tian Xia for its official releases over the next two years. Two core rulebooks, a horror-themed Adventure Path, and new character options like the trickster tanuki. They’re working to avoid cultural appropriation by employing diverse writers, editors, consultants, and readers. (Link)

🧭 Goblins in the wild: Where to find us.

  1. GalaxyCon Richmond: March 24-26 in, obviously(!) Richmond, VA. Running the tabletop room and a merch booth along with panels. Show us the newsletter on your phone for 10 percent off merch at our booth.

  2. Triad Anime Con: March 31-April 2 in Winston-Salem, NC. Live stage shows, panels, and a merch booth. Show us the newsletter on your phone for 10 percent off merch at our booth.

  3. Unplugged RVA: Regular monthly game in Midlothian, VA. Free-but-limited tickets. Join the discord to get information and dibs.

  4. Garden Grove Brewery: Regular monthly game in Richmond, VA (Carytown). Free-but-limited tickets. Join the discord for information and dibs.

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