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🐉 Such Shameful Wizards. Dead Cthulhu waits dreaming under Phandalin. Choose Your Own Adventure with a Captain Planet knockoff.

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August is the definition of summer doldrums. We had an unexpectedly busy summer con season, so now it’s time to rest, relax and reroll for autumn. Read below to check out some news from D&D-land, a one-page TTRPG that’s like “Cards Against Humanity But With Wizards,” and see how many times you can Choose Your Own Adventure yourself to death.

We had a great time at Queen City Anime Con. Thanks to the organizers and all the folks we met there!

Oh, and if you’re in Atlanta this weekend, check our panels at Dragon Con!

This month:

🗞️ 2 must-know gaming news nuggets
📻 1 great indie game you need to play
🔥 3 hot takes from the podcast
🧭 Goblins in the wild: Upcoming events

🗞️ 2 must-know gaming news nuggets

  • 👾 Cosmic Horror Phandelver. We’ve known that Phandelver was getting a remix/expansion release with some Cthuluian elements added. WotC posted a nice little 12-minute preview video for this Sept. 19 release. (Phandelve Deeper)

  • 🪄 Warlock Changes Changed Back. D&D’s Jeremy Crawford says they’re now NOT messing with Warlocks for One DnD. (Cast Your Eyes Here)

    • Fans were LOUDLY unhappy about planned changes to the class and how it handled its magic.

    • Plan was to bring the class more in line with other casters, but it meant losing distinctiveness, which fans said they wanted to keep.

    • Pact magic and limited spell slots ain’t going anywhere now.

 😳 1 great indie game you need to play

🧙🏽 Shame Wizards. Your spellbooks have been taken and you’re in an uncomfortable situation (like the back of a Volkswagon?). Fortunately, you have a secret spellbook full of embarrassing spells. In “Shame Wizards,” a free-to-download one-page RPG by Panda-K, the players create a pool of less-than-useful-and-probably-dumb spells to overcome the obstacles in front of them. The only stat is shame. No dice. No GM. No-prep pick-up and play. Wallow in your embarrassment. (Link)

It’s only embarrassing if someone sees it happen.

🎧 3 hot takes from the podcasts

  • 🧚‍♀️ Ruby Slippers and Happy Thoughts. We took a look at the literary campaign settings of writer and illustrator Andrew Kolb. He’s written two gorgeous 5e-compatible setting books, one for The Land of Oz and another for Peter Pan’s Neverland. Kolb’s beautiful art complements the efficient descriptions, fulsome stat blocks, and huge random encounter/item/event tables. (Link to podcast)

  • 📘 To March to Your Certain Death, Turn to Page 56. Brandon and Josh went armchair adventuring with “Choose Your Own Adventure Books.” Josh read one called “Surf Monkeys” that’s basically an off-brand “Captain Planet,” and Brandon read “Blood Island,” which is as bizarre as it is terrifying (if you’re 9). It’s interesting to think about how these books have to be plotted and planned out with all the branching storylines – a GM’s nightmare. (Turn the page)

  • 🌴🙅🏾 QPR: Gabe NO LONGER on Vacation. And that means QPR main campaign returns! We might have one more bonus content episode in there to cover most of the team being at DragonCon, but you can just back into the adventure with new episodes. (Quid Pro Return)

🧭 Goblins in the wild: Where to find us.

🛍️ The Goblin Store.

Pssst. We’re going to have a summer sale in September once we update the inventory. Keep your ears and eyes open. Goblins and Growlers store.

🔊 Ghost Month Almost Here.

Here’s to cooler weather and evenings around the fire pit. Only two months left to get your spooky selves in order for Halloween.

Peace and Long Life,

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