June Newsletter: Goblins and Growlers Gazette

🐉 Roll for Liquidation: NuTSR files for Chapter 7 bankruptcy, Fight Zombies at the Waffle House, We're Heading to Too Many Games in Philly

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Hey, it’s June. We’re halfway there (and livin’ on a prayer)! This month we’ve got the spectacular and expected fall of the questionable new iteration of TSR, surviving zombies with waffles and hash browns, the return of character sheets to the online store, and some podcast news roundups.

This month:

🗞️ 2 must-know gaming news nuggets
🧇 1 great indie game you need to play
🔥 3 hot takes from the podcast
🧭 Goblins in the wild: Upcoming events
🛍️ New item in the store (character sheets)

🗞️ 2 must-know gaming news nuggets

  • 👎💵 TSR files for Chapter 7 bankruptcy. It’s “NuTSR,” the racist one that Gary Gygax’s son founded with Justin LaNasa. (Drink their tears at this link)

  • 📘📙📕Massive Humble Bundle for RPG Books. Ultimate RPG Guides bundle has all kinds of discount treats, from mythology worldbuilding books to the entire “Ultimate RPG Guide” series from James D’Amato. Three tiers, but $18 for everything. Through June 30. (Get Deals Here)

    • Three tiers: $1, $10, and $18.

    • Runs through June 30 and supports Worldreader children’s literacy non-profit.

🧟‍♀️ 1 great indie game you need to play

🧇🏠 Cracker Barrell Has Fallen. Zombies are coming and they want hash browns. You’re the employees and patrons of a Waffle House and you have to survive until the National Guard comes to rescue you. A two-page, two-stat TTRPG in the style of Lasers & Feelings. It’s pay-what-you-want and, through this month, all proceeds go to Trans Lifeline (Go Deeper)

Zombies probably don’t even register the highest alert on the Waffle House Index.

🎧 3 hot takes from the podcasts

  • 📚💸 WotC Casts ‘Enlarge’ on Book Prices. Dungeons & Dragons books are getting more expensive. 24-hour D&D streaming service. Bibleman (I assure you the mention is relevant to dungeons and/or dragons). (Link to podcast, YouTube)

  • 🧝‍♂️ Ford to City: Drop Drow. (Raise your hand if you’d old enough for that reference.) Anyway, Pathfinder is ditching Drow as part of the great OGL fallout, among other reasons. Also Planescape box set coming up. We talk about a space exploration indie game, Solar Crawl. (Link to podcast, YouTube)

  • 🌴 QPR: Gabe on Vacation. Our audio engineer has to regenerate for a few weeks every summer, so we release special one-off QPR content/adventures when he’s too far away to stop us. Check out some bonus content, sidequests, and guests! (Spotify show page)

🛒 Refreshed Old Favorite Back in the Store.

I’m thrilled that our class-customized character sheets are finally back in the Goblins and Growlers store. Many of them have been refreshed with new designs, all from @the_artifessor, and they’re printed in heavy-stock paper for durability. Grab that full set of 12. Free shipping on orders $50+ with code FREESHIP50.

Grab the full set of 12 class-specific character sheets.

🧭 Goblins in the wild: Where to find us.

Where Be Goblins? We’re in the slow part of our convention season but hop onto our Discord for the latest information about our monthly games at Unplugged RVA and Garden Grove Brewery and Urban Winery. It’s all in the #announcements channel.

  • Too Many Games: We’re going to be part of the indie showcase (Hall B) at Pennsylvania’s “longest running video and board game convention” in Philadelphia June 23-25. We’ve never been before, but it’s going to be a blast. Come visit us if you’re going to be in the area and see some new stuff we’re working on.

This is the highest-rez logo I could find.

🔊 Enjoy that Solstice.

It’s turned out to be a busier summer than we were expecting and the Too Many Games invite was a nice surprise. We’ve got some surprises of our own coming up in the next couple of months, so keep an eye out. Be excellent to each other and put love out into the universe (and party on).

Peace and Long Life 🖖

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